Music Video or Art Film? The Lost Star as Diamond Lil’

A sneak preview off the Champs-Élysées has been the only showing of the completeDiamond Lil’ prior to the embedded video published below. An exquisite marriage of costume, corset, feathers and light brought the legend to life with The Lost Star playing the transformed woman formerly known as “Lilly.”

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THE LOST STAR.... at the heart of new thought about Mary Magdalene published in the reknown Huffington Post.

….Parisian pop artist The Lost Star, who devotes a cut from her latest album to the “Goddess of the Gospels” (song title), asserts that long before the Da Vinci Code craze and sensational text translation, “an arcane circle of people were already tuned in to the possibility and probability that Mary Magdalene played a much more important role in the saga of Christianity and the life of Jesus Christ than most people were led to believe.”

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From Lady Gaga to The Lost Star religious icons never cease to attract interest !