My name, The Lost Star, is a tribute to all the rough diamonds in the sky. You may be lost but you are still a star. A divine spark on the verge of shining to the fullness of your potential, which is unlimited. Being lost leads and entices you into the ultimate adventure of Self discovery. Being lost takes you to places off the map ; magical waysides. And, finding the way never ends because no destination is final. There is always more beyond. DESIRE is The Lost Star’s magic wand. Your desire is like a prayer. It is sacred. Trust it. Being lost has led me into countless adventures. Precarious and also serendipitous. Beautiful encounters and places as well as endless labyrinths of seeking solutions and new values.. Romance….. Now I want to share my universe with you through these songs which are but facets of myself……
LOVE, The Lost Star

An artist because she is totally committed to the quest for beauty, The Lost Star expresses both her vision and a deeply felt need for aesthetic perfection. Her approach consists of revealing the inner spark that arises from the essence of the self and which, once kindled, bathes the world in its glow. Always focusing on human feelings and sensations, what she seeks above all is openness and a willingness to share. The concept she has developed is designed to reveal the different facets of her identity and personality.

As her first opus, she gives us her voice: that of an opera singer who, after a period of silence, returns with a more velvety, pop-romantic timbre. Although no stranger to the technical skills of opera singing, The Lost Star decided to leave them behind her. Instead she prefers letting herself go, giving free voice to her most intimate emotions. An admirer of Cole Porter and Gershwin, she sings their classic songs in concert, accompanied by a pianist, a guitarist, a double bass player and a percussionist. She is inspired by artists as diverse as the Italian soprano Magda Olivero, Kate Bush, Natacha Atlas, Lisa Ekdahl and Tom Waits; like them, she works in a variety of genres, and she shares with them a yearning to journey into the inner recesses of the soul.

Originally a stage name, The Lost Star has developed into a concept that helps her to evolve, to go beyond herself, to open up to others. Wandering but not lost, the artist places her quest on a positive trajectory. Full of promise, it leads her towards enlightenment and a heightened sense of self-awareness, without a trace of vanity. We just have to dare to set forth on the adventure, to place our trust in the unexpected – the only thing that can reveal who we really are. To achieve a sense of rebirth, in our own eyes but above all in the eyes of others, via artistic expression. Using intuition as our guide, metamorphosis is possible: we can all become « stars » if we can only connect to our inner light, our divinity within.

To mark the birth of her concept, the artist is launching her first album: RED IS NOT A SAFE COLOR. The intriguing title itself suggests the mysteries of a secret world. Red: the color of passion, of danger, of sensuality, even of sexuality. The beautifully designed album cover also has deep, feminine red as its dominant tone. Combined with black, it takes us towards a fatal attraction, towards the forbidden delights of desire. But the artist’s apparent self-affirmation would simply be arrogant if such boldness was not underscored by a deep sense of vulnerability.

Each song is dedicated to a mythical, imagined or very real heroine. Written – by the artist – like little stories, like scenes we could imagine experiencing ourselves, they talk about relationships between men and women. As we listen to them in turn, we might wonder if they are separate stories or variations on a single one. The rhythm and the ‘musical’ utterance of the words of this private diary are designed to serve the melody. They seek to conjure up pictures that depict feelings: always from the female point of view. The man, though ever-present, rarely appears in person, which means that each of us can enjoy imagining our own version of ideal masculinity.

Headstrong women, women who know how to make decisions… like modern-day goddesses, Zorina, Diamond Lil’ and Margherita brave their destinies. At the heart of tragedy, nostalgia, or simply life, they lead the dance, fired by their desire, including the desire to avoid sinking into despair. They move along a tightrope, edging towards sacred, absolute love: « Goddess of the Gospels » in the footsteps of Mary Magdalen whose initials are the same as another « Star in the Sun »: a tribute to Marylin, so true and yet so fragile, dazzled by a light that pretends to ignore the looming shadows; she was even more of a « Lost Star » than the others.

For her music, the artist has given carte blanche to An Ton That, singer, pianist, songwriter, composer of film scores and choreographer. A musician capable of achieving a pop-romantic feel in a variety of styles: ballad, latino, folk, rock, even electro. More than this, his orchestrations take us on a musical world tour without frontiers.

The Lost Star is an artist, a concept and so much more: « One, no one, and one hundred thousand », to quote Luigi Pirandello. She looks at herself in the mirror of other people, reaching out to touch her own star. Face to face with herself, she dresses and undresses her soul. These are the waking dreams of a woman in her dressing room; they are journeys to the ends of desire in an ultra-feminine world. Our deepest feelings are there, transcended by an even stronger desire called, quite simply, artistic expression.