October 15, 2021


Chicago’s own diva-divine-blonde presents her latest ALBUM “Midnight Rainbow”, name of her main title, with its catchy disco-pop soul. This album release is quite an accomplishment: as a poet, she writes all her lyrics; as an all-round artist, she ventures into all styles of music—even rap. This unique, flamboyant album is in her image: a maverick in the current artistic landscape. And once again it demonstrates her credo: hyper-femininity is the force that drives the dance!

And once again it demonstrates her credo: hyper-femininity is the force that drives the dance! Indulgent and insolent, anti-conformist and playful down to her manicured fingertips, The Lost Star tears up the cliché of the objectivised glossy blonde glamour-puss, walking tall as a free woman, paradoxical and proudly sexual. Winter Bride, Beyond the Blur, Chiara Scura, Liberté – Freedom is not Free…titles that may well become iconic. “Midnight Rainbow”, the song that gives the new album its name, sets the tone: The Lost Star takes us on a journey full of musical colour and magical moments, to a world peopled by poets who are forever reaching for the impossible. « Catch a rainbow, midnight rainbow… » That mesmerizing rainbow that makes us want to dance is called Desire: it is the whirlwind that makes dreams come true. For one night only, it makes everything possible, suspending everything including geographical and social distance. It can’t be bought or stolen: it possesses a godlike power. “There’s no love without fire, Don’t play with the flame.” Quite a challenge…

The brilliant composer Amadéo has transcended the Star’s taste for the caliente with the sensuality of Middle Eastern and Latin American sounds. Trembling and undulating, the music invites us to set our bodies free. This album is a long-distance journey, guided by a common thread that the artist holds out to us… That thread is Love with a capital A. Sensuous, spiritual, initiatory, romantic. Scheherazade, the odalisque, the femme fatale, the temptress… she is all of them at once.

With her radiant, silky-smooth vocals, The Lost Star knows how to make our bodies come alive and secrete oxytocin, the love hormone, irrespective of our gender. She knows how to spark a desire for freedom; she is happy to be who she is, and believes she can achieve her craziest dreams; she trusts her intuition and her female gaze… The shy little girl from Chicago who studied piano and sang alone in front of her bedroom mirror is still amazed that her dream has come true: “I wanted to be on the stage…and here I am!”