June 4, 2019

CONCERTS : 24 & 27 JULY 2019 Live in Hydra, Greece

SPECIAL 2 CONCERTS : The 24th & 27th of July 2019, at 9 pm


Following the Paris Premiere, “The Lost Star” will now be preforming her showcase-concert
in the beautiful island of Hydra, Greece! Following her fabulous CD “Red is not
a safe color”, the release of several video-clips, and three shows directed by Amadéo,
renown choreographer (The Musical Hair, Dalida, Catherine Deneuve and in Greece
Stávros Xarchákos – Children of the Universe), The Lost Star, the most “glam &
enigmatic” blonde – radiant and divine, will share her “new romantic baroque pop”
repertoire, a unique musical concept at the Historical Archives Museum of Hydra for
two evenings, the 24th and 27th of July 2019.

American-French style.

Under the mythical skies of Hydra, accompanied by The Lost
Star Band, guitar-keyboard-percussion and drums, the artist will present for these two
evenings 12 songs. They will bring the spectator on a musical journey in a very wide
spectrum of musical styles: pop, jazz, world, classical, modern, sexy … What a
pleasure to attend a concert where the voice is captivating, the texts meaningful, the
harmonious melodies and the arrangements orchestrated by Amadeo and Seb Perron
for the new titles (like the sensual tango “Mirrors never lie” or the disco-spirited “I am”),
the sublime covers of mythical songs of Tom Waits and the French icon Joe Dassin and
some of her flagship titles (Out of Time, Neptunia and Diamond Lil – video-clips by
Franck Glenisson …) set to music as always by the young and talented composer An
Tôn-Thãt (Aaken)! Elegance, professionalism: an American-style show imbued with the

French haute couture touch.

The Lost Star is an image. Sexy, slender, a playful Venus, and so Hollywood, reminding
us of Marylin or Marlene, these fascinating blondes, sumptuous in their aesthetic
The Lost Star is a voice. Authentic, sensual, inviting, The Lost Star uses her initial
training of operatic singing, and becomes the Scheherazade of modern times; her voice
is clear and expressive with its velvet tonalities, and captivating her audience. We think
of Nico, Marianne Faithfull, Kate Bush …

The Lost Star is poetry.

No copies of songs we’ve already heard… The Lost Star is a
poetess. She captures you with her texts that echo within you. Each song tells a story,
the exploration of a facet of human passion. A mirror she hands you … A multifaceted
creator, she draws her inspiration from the great mythological figures of ancient Greece
as well as from today’s times, sensual, erotic and sometimes tragic like the arranged
marriages to which she devotes the poignant “Winter bride” *. Guaranteed emotion at
360 °. We applaud, groove to the beat, dance, are moved in our hearts. No fear to be
daring. The Lost Star succeeds through her unique talent. She naturally connects with
her audience: “I love my fans. I want to convey to them beauty and timeless
knowledge. ”

The show will live up to the great wisdom it reveals in “Mirrors never lie”:
“The beauty you see in me is the beauty in you.”
* The entrance to the showcase is in the form of donations.
The Lost Star invites you to pay a contribution to help preserve the animals and nature
of Hydra through the association HydraArk.com

PHOTOS POSTER : Franck Glenisson