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  • PARIS PREMIÈRE: VideoFilm *Diamond Lil’*

    Baroque Poet Poetess Transformed Woman Courtesan

    The pièce de résistance at the 2016 video revue on the Champs Élysées: The Lost Star’s original DIAMOND LIL’ in collaboration with award-winning Parisian cinematographer Franck Glenisson

  • Huffington Post: Video DIAMOND LIL’

    Music Video or Art Film? The Lost Star as Diamond Lil’  A sneak preview off the Champs-Élysées has been the only showing of the completeDiamond Lil’ prior to the embedded video published below. An exquisite marriage of costume, corset, feathers and light brought the legend to life with The Lost Star playing the transformed woman [...]


    The Lost Star has written a song NEPTUNIA !!! A key title to discover on the album RED IS NOT A SAFE COLOR. Plunge into the stunning visual world of FRANCK GLENISSON, French photographer and film director.